Monday, September 17, 2012

Back From Bundy

Here we are, back from a whirlwind weekend to Bundaberg with Libby for one of her "FUN"shops. Yet again, we managed to stow away in Libby's bags (Corey hid Libby's ticket ... we nearly missed the plane!!! ... but it gave us a chance to sneak into the bag!!) So we soon found ourselves in the sugar city of Bundy to visit ...

Sue and the girls at The Quilters Shack. If you've never visited, you really should ... Corey and I had a fantastic time playing hide-and-seek! Hee! Hee!
See! There are PLENTY of places to hide. We did have a little problem when it was Corey's turn to hide and I got a bit sidetracked looking at all the pretty fabrics and forgot to look for him ... OOPS! :0)
But ... the reason we were there was for Libby to teach her "FUN"shop and there were some lovely ladies raring to go.
Look at those smiling faces ... Oops! I think Libby's spotted us with the camera ... run and hide again Corey!! I'll try to remember to come and find you! Hee! Hee! But it was soon time to get busy.
Can you see those looks of concentration?
Lots of painting ... and lots of mess! :0) But I think they were enjoying themselves too, cos there was happy chatting and laughing in between brush strokes. Everyone was having a lovely time until ... Corey spotted something alarming ...
... something cute and furry getting lots of "Oohs", "Aahs" and cuddles. HEY!! There's only room for TWO cute furry critters on this blog and that's me and Corey! Hmmm ... then again ... he IS pretty cute ... maybe nobody would miss Corey! Hee! Hee!
We had a wonderful time playing in Sue's shop and Libby said she had a great time too. She said Sue, Ken and the Q-Shack girls looked after her really well. They even made sure she was REALLY well fed for dinner ...
WOW! Half a cow! :0) Thank you to everyone for making our trip to Bundy a lot of fun I'm pretty sure Libby is looking forward to visiting again soon. And so are we, aren't we Corey? Corey? COREY!! Hmmm ... wait a minute ... did I tell him to go and hide in Sue's shop and forget to find him again???? Oops! I guess I'd better go and tell Libby ... or maybe I'll wait until AFTER I've eaten all the Honey Joys for supper! Hee! Hee!

(Or maybe just Jessy today! Hee! Hee!)

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Another 'FUN'shop & Sneak Peek

Oh dear! Oh dear! It's chaos in the ArtSmart Craft Cottage studio this week! Libby is off to another of her "FUN"shops this weekend, so Corey and I are being kept busy packaging patterns, counting kits and reminding Libby of all the things she needs to take with her. She's off to Bundaberg this weekend ... lots of warm sunny weather (a bit different to our Melbourne weather!) I wonder if she'll notice if we stow away in her suitcase like we did last time? Hee! Hee!

Maybe when she takes a little break from painting during the weekend, Libby will show the ladies at the workshop her new Christmas pattern ... How exciting! Hmmm ... but that doesn't seem quite fair ... our friends who visit the blog might miss out. Shhh ... while Libby is searching for her lost pencil (Corey ... did you hide it again??) we'll share a little sneak peek with you ...

Oooh! It looks like one of Santa's reindeer has been helping with the Christmas decorations and got a bit tangled in the baubles! That reminds me of the time Corey tried to help Libby put up the Christmas lights. He was supposed to stand still and hold the end so Libby could untangle the lights, but he tried to catch a butterfly that flew in the window and ended up tied up in twinkly lights ... he made a pretty good Christmas tree! Hee! Hee!
Oops! Libby has found her pencil and has remembered another pattern we need to pack, so we'd better go. We'll be back soon to tell you all about the "FUN"shop in Bundy. Bye for now!

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Busy Bees ... Er ... BEARS!

Here we are back again. Things have been very hectic at the ArtSmart Craft Cottage studio lately and it's taken a little while for us to catch our breath, but now that we're all caught up, we thought we'd pop in to update you all on what's been going on here.

A week or so ago (it's very hard for little bears to keep track of the date, you know!) Libby was part of the Girls Day Out weekend and since she was helping to organise it, the studio was in an uproar for the few days before! There were patterns to pack, kits to kit up, brushes to count ... including the two that Corey tried to turn into stilts so he could reach the biscuit jar on the kitchen bench!! ... Boy, was Libby in a flap! But being helpful little bears (well ONE of us is!!) we jumped in to help and off she went to her weekend "FUN"shop. What she didn't realise was that we had hidden in one of her boxes because we decided WE would like to join in the fun! This is what the room looked like when we arrived.

Ooh! Balloons!! Libby set up lots of her quilts to the side there and there were all sorts of goodies in those bags ... including Corey in one of them for a while, after he fell in while he was trying to take a peek. BOYS!! We got him back out of the bag just in time for all the ladies to come flooding in.
Wow! Look at all those ladies! There was lots of chatting, lots of laughing and a little bit of work done ... that's why Corey and I call them "FUN"shops instead of "WORK"shops!
Here's Libby helping some ladies to paint more cute bears like us. We thought she'd spotted us with the camera, but she was smiling at someone beside us ... PHEW! That was close!
Here she is with Jo ... don't those aprons look cute? I wonder if they come in bear sizes? Oh ... Corey wants a blue one with a truck so it's not as girly ... BOYS!!
Here's Marilyn from the Patchwork Tea House. Look at all those goodies! I bet lots of ladies had fun shopping here during the weekend!
I bet Jen from Embellish A Little sold lots of pretty buttons too. Oops! Has Jen spotted us? Duck, Corey!!
This is the project that Libby taught over the weekend ... oh look! It's a stitchery picture of our house ... there's a bear in there ... or two! Hee! Hee! ( A little Playschool joke there!)
As well as the pretty projects the ladies painted and stitched away on during the two days, there were lots of fun competitions, giveaways, lucky draws and YUMMY food to make little teddy tummies happy! Libby finally sprang us when Corey fell into the cream on the yummy scones. It took AGES to get the cream out of his fur! Then Libby made us sit in a quiet corner out of the way ... but we still had heaps of fun! Thanks to all the lovely ladies who helped make the day so special ... we can't wait to catch up with you all again!
As you can imagine, it's taken us a little while to unpack everything and tidy the studio after the "FUN"shop, so we haven't got much else to show you, but I promise we'll be back soon to show you a sneaky-peek of Libby's new design. Let's just say ... it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas! Hee! Hee!
Oops! An email just arrived, so we'd better be good teddy bears and answer it. We hope you'll come back and visit us again soon. Have fun!



Thursday, August 16, 2012

A Blog Hijacking!

Hello Everybody! It's Corey and Jessy here, from the studio at ArtSmart Craft Cottage. We've FINALLY convinced Libby to let us take over her blog. We watched her sit for ages scratching her head, doodling with a pencil and paper and wondering what to write ... and then she got distracted by a new design idea and ... no more blog posting! Oh dear!!

So ... since we are in the studio here all the time and we know EVERYTHING that goes on (though we don't necessarily tell Libby everything that goes on! Like the time that Corey spilled a bottle of Libby's paint when he was trying to juggle Tic-Tacs and tripped over! Hee! Hee!) we decided to hijack the computer and get posting here. We did run into a little bit of a problem at first ... do you know how hard it is to type with furry paws?!?! But we've found out that if we both hold a chopstick in each paw we can type pretty quickly ... if you don't mind the odd spelling mistake! Hee! Hee!

Libby is pretty busy at the moment and leaves us alone in the studio a lot to pack patterns and answer emails while she goes off to workshops ... don't worry, though ... she does pay us ... in honey and biscuits! Mind you ... we don't know why they are called "WORK"shops, cos there seems to be way too much "FUN" had by the ladies who go to them for it to be called "WORK"!! So we'll pop in here from time to time to tell you about Libby's "FUN"shops and to tell you about any new patterns she releases. We might even tell you some of the funny stories about things that happen here in the studio when Libby is away ... as long as you promise not to tell! Hee! Hee!

Oops! Libby is calling us for afternoon tea ... Honey Joys! Our favourite!! We'll be back soon to chat, but in the meantime, maybe you'd like to make some Honey Joys for your own afternoon tea ... here's the recipe.



Thursday, January 27, 2011